Monday, August 30, 2010

Clearing out the Clutter

I have to confess that right now, our house is the exact opposite of these images. Boxes and clothes and random books are littered across almost every room. We spent most of the weekend tearing our house apart in an attempt to pack up our non-essentials and get ready to move. In some places, the hosue is actually starting to look better. The garage looks better than it has since we moved in - we've stacked boxes of things to move on one side, and things to store on the other. That dresser I've been refinishing for months is almost finished, just waiting for a (hopefully final) coat of paint. But inside, everything is topsy-turvy. We are now sleeping on a temporary bed, our dresser has been emptied into random baskets which can't quite contain our clothes, and clean laundry waits endlessly to be put away. I know the next ten weeks will bring order out of the chaos, but right now it looks pretty hopeless. I just want to sit in an all-white room free of extraneous objects. I want to throw out all of our stuff and start over from scratch. But instead, I need to focus my energy on organizing anything I can't bring myself to get rid of so that when we move to the next place we won't have so much cluttered junk. Does anyone have any good organizing or decluttering tips? Are there any must-have items I should be packing with? Somebody help me!

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