Friday, July 23, 2010

Hot, Hot Week-end

via sacremento street
I hope your week-end is filled with a hint of glamorous and refreshing water. Whether is lounging by a pool or running through the sprinklers or skipping through waves on the beach, I hope you find a way to cool off this week-end! For my part, they are predicting rain and thunder storms in Albuquerque from tonight through Sunday. I couldn't be happier :)


  1. Happy Friday, sweetie! We're glad to send you some of our extra rain. It's actually stayed dry here for two whole days; what a delight. Still disappointed that Phipp didn't get to jump off the high dive into Galway Bay. I bet he regrets it now that he's back in hot country. love, M

  2. Thank you for the Irish rain!! It has been lovely and cool here for days now! Can't wait for you to come home!!