Friday, June 18, 2010

Guy's Weekend

I am apparently too much of a girly girl, because, as I was searching through all my inspiration pictures for something to epitomize "Guys' Weekend," this was the manliest image I could come up with:
Kate Moss looks awfully dangerous, no? Maybe I can channel my inner tomboy this weekend, while I'm off in Denver with my husband, brother, and our friend Tim.
Or maybe I can bring my zune and listen to girly tunes while trying to tune out the engineering/computer/gaming/gun talk I am sure will surround me.
Maybe I can talk my grandmama into getting pedicures or going shopping with me. 
I guess I'll just give it my best shot at being "one of the guys."
What are you doing this weekend?
Whether its girly or manly or a little bit of both, I hope its really grand!

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