Thursday, March 11, 2010

White Ruffles

Today we woke up and found more snow on the ground than we've seen all year. There are several inches on our cars, our bushes, our grass! I find that I can't complain about the cold when its snowing. (P can. He was annoyed that he has to trudge through the snow to school in his fancy clothes becuase he has an interview this morning. Pray for him if you get a chance!) 
I just love the snow. Its so pretty and white and fluffy. It reminds me of all things white and ruffled. So pardon me for a moment while I let my girlie side run away with me.
look at that gorgeous ruffled poof!
Kate Moss is ruffled and oh so girlie
This, my friends, is a wallpaper. I know. Its aweseome. And I want it.
via ruche
small pic, but this is the "waterfall duvet cover" from urban outfitters that I just bought for our guest bed. It came in the mail yesterday and I am so in love with it, it might be moving to the master bed instead ;)
PS This is my 50th post! If you're still reading, THANKS for sticking around - hopefully it can only get better from here!


  1. so you did end up getting that ruffled cover for your guest bed? I'm happy for you - I know how much you wanted it! Invite me over so I can see it in person! ;-)

  2. Hey Kat,
    Do you want to come over and see my new bedspread? Its pretty neat. Let me know when. ;)

  3. I do, I really do! Thanks for inviting me - how thoughtful of you.
    PS Congrats on your 50th post! I am at, like, 10. Once every month if I'm lucky...