Monday, February 8, 2010

Today's Mail

There are two kinds of mail.
1.) Bills, ads, and other people's junk mail. (We get a lot of the latter since the people who lived in our house before us seem to never have forwarded anything. Shannon Sandoval gets a lot of crap at our place.)
2.) Fun mail! Beautiful catalogues, magazines, and personal mail.
I was pretty excited when I opened our mailbox at lunch - there were 4 pieces of mail and for once, all of them were for me! Sorry Shannon, I'm sure you'll get something tomorrow.
The first item was not so very interesting - a huge brochure telling me in way too much detail how much my 401K made last year - I'm sure its a very important tax document, but as far as I could tell, all the charts showed a decline in my investments. Yuck.
The second piece of mail was a valentine - from AdSense. Call me crazy, but I wasn't all that thrilled.
The third item was a brochure from Bank of America - welcoming me to the neighborhood. Um, thanks?
But the fourth item! I was pretty excited about the fourth pice of mail! It was a manilla envelope containing these beautiful sticky notes and cards:

Thanks, MB, for making Monday a better place.

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