Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Furniture!

Phillip and I went on vacation two weeks ago and visited my grandparents outside of Denver. Grandmama and I both love consignment shopping, and as a result, Phillip got dragged to a million furniture stores. I ended up spending most of my graduation money on new furniture, all of which is currently living at my grandparent's house until we move. This is our new couch. White is dangerous, I know, but I love white couches! This baby was only $150, and is super high quality. I'm excited, because its also extremely comfortable and is a nice size for an apartment.

There are actually two of these gorgeous chairs, and I LOVE them! They are a soft teal (its hard to tell in the pic) and have little white diamonds embroidered on them. I tried forever to fit one into the trunk of my civic, but no such luck. At grandmama's it must stay until I can get back up there.

This is the top of our new dining room table. Its soo pretty. Its dark cherry and has two lovely legs with ball and claw feet! (Those are NOT our chairs. We're still looking for chairs.)

Anyway, I'm really excited about the new furniture! But I'm REALLY REALLY excited about my sister's new baby (if it ever gets here)! She's two days late, and getting pretty impatient, poor thing! I can't wait for a new newborn to hold!

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